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Maximum up to KES 60,000

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No collateral required

Unsecured loan allows you to easily obtain emergency funds, without collateral, fast approval and flexible repayment.

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Loan without paperwork

Unemployment loan provides you with temporary financial support during the period of unemployment, so that you can tide over the difficulties with peace of mind.

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Loan without voucher

Unsecured loans make it easier for you to apply for loans, without complicated supporting documents, and enjoy fast loan services.

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No salary loan

No salary loan, you can apply without salary, verify your identity through other means, quickly approve and provide you with financial support.

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Questions about loan application

A: Sometimes due to the high number of applications, the customer might experience some delay in loan applications.

A: Ensure you borrow more loans and repay loans on time. Loan limit increment is determined by the number of loans and repayment history.

A: Try again after 7 days.

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Personal loan applications are 100% online, no collateral required,

no supporting documents required. FairKash+ loan acquisition is fast and easy!

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1.50/per transaction

Bank account limitations

up to 10 bank accounts

Only 3 bank accounts

Local fees capped at KSE 500

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Debt Financing

No hidden fees or charges

Local fees capped

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FairKash+ Loans provide a quick and easy solution to make emergency loans easier

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